Cavalor Horse Supplements

Why is Cavalor Take It Easy better to use during competition?

Cavalor Take It Easy is 7 times more concentrated than Cavalor Calm. It is especially designed to give an immediate calming effect just before a stressful situation (competition, transport, etc.).

What is the benefit of using Cavalor Energy Booster during shows?

With Cavalor Energy Booster you provide your horse with an extra dose/boost of highly accessible nutrients that are important during competition or very intensive training.The packaging is specially designed to be used during competition.

Can I use Cavalor Energy Booster instead of a vitamin supplements during shows?

Cavalor Energy Booster is designed to provide an instant boost of nutrients (energy) before entering the competition arena. If your horse needs extra vitamins and minerals during a high level multiple-day-event, Cavalor Pow’red Performance may be given. For the administration of extra vitamins and minerals during off-competition Cavalor Nutri Plus should be used.

Cavalor Horse Feeds

Can I combine Cavalor Calm and Cavalor Pianissimo?

Cavalor Pianissimo is a complete feed specially formulated for easily excitable horses. This feed can be given on a daily basis. If the effect doesn’t suit the needs for your horse, you can use a calming supplement. For example Cavalor Calm, Cavalor Take It Easy or Cavalor Destress, depending on the type of stress observed.

How can Cavalor feed be incorporated in the feeding management of horses that have been subjected to surgery?

In post surgical cases we recommend the following:

  • 10 days Cavalor Mash & Mix;
  • followed by 10 days 50% Cavalor Strucomix and 50% Cavalor Mash and Mix;
  • followed by 20 days solely Cavalor Strucomix;
  • gradually introduce the normal Cavalor feed like Cavalor Perfomix in the diet.