Cavalor Horse Feed

Cavalor has a unique processing system that “puffs” the grains which allows the feed to be almost completely digested in the small intestine, and also enhances the flavor and aroma of the feed.
– improved digestibility of starch from 5-50% in non treated grain to 85-90% in the “puffed” cereals. This reduces the risk of colic and improves the overall digestibility of the feed by 40% meaning you can feed 40% less volume
– Puffed cereals have a higher viscosity which improves digestibility by keeping the grain in the stomach longer. Gives the enzymes more time to digest the nutrients and keeps the insulin production lower.
– Puffed cereals have a very attractive aroma of flavor for the horses.
-Puffed cereals have a very low density so that the horse gets a nice volume of feed to eat, also much better for digestion.
Cavalor has a wide range of feeds available to suit every horse in your stable!

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