T-Form Saddle Pads™

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Featuring T-Foam™ Technology, EquiFit’s T-Form Therapeutic Saddle Pads™ conform to the exact contour of your horse and saddle for a custom fit on every horse, every time. The lightweight pads disperse pressure points, maximize support and saddle stability and absorb 97% of shock and vibration under impact. T-Foam’s open cell structure prevents overheating. T-Form Therapeutic Pads are ideal for horses with sore backs, ill-fitting saddles and for the prevention of sore backs.

Developed by NASA for astronaut seating, T-Foam is used in hospitals, wheelchairs, athletic equipment and other human market applications where shock absorption and minimizing pressure points are critical.

We choose to build our boots with T-Foam because it provides best-in-class comfort, support and protection for your horse.

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A genuine commitment to horses and riders drives EquiFit to seek new and better ways to help them perform, recover, be comfortable and succeed at all levels. Our unique blend of ingenuity and horse world expertise allows us to continuously adapt premium innovations in healthcare and fitness to the needs of equestrians.

The result: distinctive products for high performance both in and out of the ring.

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