There are hundreds of different opinions about what the perfect bit is. According to TRUST there is no such thing as the perfect bit, as there is no one bit that suits all horses. A perfect bit is one that the horse accepts and which allows the rider to communicate optimally with the horse.

The type of bit you choose depends on the character and level of training of the horse. However, the feeling, experience and preference of the rider also play an important role.

TRUST bits

Material, shape and weigh are all important when choosing the right bit. TRUST devotes a lot of attention to these points when developing and optimising its bits. All the bits are hand-crafted, which makes TRUST bits unique and of excellent quality. The most striking aspect is the use of blue flamed ‘sweet iron’ for the mouthpieces combined with stainless steel. The anatomically shaped mouthpieces ensure an optimal fit in the horse’s mouth.

A bit more …

TRUST offers a huge collection of bits. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and for various purposes. The images shown here give an impression of the different models. We keep some in stock, but all bits are available to order.  Please Contact Us with your enquiry.